Use it to squibs movie effect

The Air Squib™ is perfect for the special effects technician on the go.

You are always ready to create a bloody bullet hit for an action-movie.

Click the film below to see how you can rig a hit in your production!

With this kit, you will always be ready to easily rig a bloody bullet hit in an actor.

The kit also makes it possible for you to quickly create ”dust hits” in mummies, or other creatures that seem unaffected by bullets (they will give off dust as they don’t ooze blood!)

With the materials you will also be able to rig a ”death scene” with a pulsating flow of blood that easily changes as the ”victim’s condition” changes.

Use the kit for simulating a bloody bullet hit in a soldiers, either for definite marking of ”hits” or for practicing recsue workers or paramedics. Also good in re-enactments when using precious costumes that must not be damaged.

Really easy to rig - and a great tool to have in your special effects technicians toolbox. Always be ready to create a bloody squib, safely, quickly and to a low, low cost...

And don’t forget -  you don’t even damage the shirt!